David Anderson Real Estate



You will need to gather and prepare the following.

  • References
  • Employment Letter/ Proof of contract/  Proof of income
  • Deposits (forst an dlast months rent
  • Full Credit Report


Prepare a List of Personal and Professional references and  past landlords.  Be sure to speak with thembeforehand so they are prepared for the call.  Make sure you include cell phone numbers for easycommunication.

Employment Letter /proof of contract /proof of income

Your Employer will provide upon request.  It is to prove you are currently employed, and may containreassurance  to the landlord of income and Job security.  If you are self employed, gather as many financial statements regarding yourself and your business to show a strong history of income.


First and Last month's Rent will be required upon acceptance of a lease in the form or a certified Chequeor Bank Draft 

Credit Score

Obtain your Full Credit Report with Score to show you are responsible and diligent with your finances.  

Popular websites include Equifax  and Credit Karma 

Rental Application

When we  have found a suitable unit, the next step is to present  your Rental Package, along with a formal application to the landlord.  The application will outline terms you are applying under,  Last 2 Places of residence, Occupation (prior and present), Personal Information,  and references.  Having already Gathered this info in your Rental Package will make this a breeze.


The Lease Document

Once the Landlord has completed their due diligence and decided your are a responsible tenant, you enter an agreement to lease. The Lease documents will outline the terms agreed upon for renting the unit.  It will include rental amount, term dates (Move in date), rules regarding the building and unit, inclusions, and who is responsible for payment of various utilities.  

AGREEMENT TO LEASE with plain english explanation